Baby BFFs! Love and Theft expanded their collective family on Monday (Dec. 2) when band member Stephen Barker Liles and fiancee Jenna Kennedy welcomed their newborn son Jett Barker Liles.

Little Jett arrived just nine months after LNT's Eric Gunderson and wife Emily welcomed their son Camden. And we're happy to report that the Love and Theft baby boys have met and have become instant best friends, which was sort of a foregone conclusion, anyway.

The duo shared the photo below of the little boys getting to know each other, and as expected, it's too much cuteness for one picture. "My best friend #camdenwilliamgunderson came by today! He shared his cool toys! He's really got it all together! Sucks I was blinking in this picture ;(," the caption reads, posted on Jett's new Instagram account.

Since the boys' fathers do so well together musically, it would stand to reason that Camden and Jett will grow up and make amazing country music together, too. It just feels inevitable.

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