Lucy Hale is as excited for her budding country music career as she is her acting work. The 'Pretty Little Liars' star says she likes both equally, but it's the upcoming release of her debut album that she's most looking forward to.

During a Taste of Country Twitter takeover, Hale shared some of the details while playing coy about some of the music's inspirations.

User @justinbenard asked who inspired the song 'Kiss Me.' "I'll never tell," Hale responded with a cheeky emoticon. That was pretty much the only time she clammed up. Fans learned there will be 11 or 12 songs on the project, including 'Road Between' and 'Nervous Girls,' two the actress-turned-singer calls her favorites.

Currently on a radio tour, Hale has been performing live between stops. She says she always gets nervous before taking the stage. Should she ever have a bad show, she knows were to find the cure for what's bugging her:

Later, the 24-year-old added that Mama Hale should not sign up for Twitter. One would love to ask for a follow-up to that response, but with hundreds tweeting and only 140 characters to respond, it will have to wait.

Other Lucy Hale facts: she most wants to go to Australia, she'd love to work with Shania Twain and sing a duet with Hunter Hayes, she's a big Ed Sheeran fan, and her family, friends and fans inspire her.


Hale chatted with fans for nearly a half-hour on Monday morning (Nov. 25). Afterward, she chatted with Taste of Country about her album and 2013 CMAs experience. The answers to those questions will be revealed later -- stay tuned!