Lucy Hale stopped by 'The Ellen Show' on Tuesday (Oct. 7) to perform her latest single, 'Lie a Little Better' from her debut 'Road Between' -- and to get a hug from Ellen DeGeneres!

Like a good host, DeGeneres insisted that the live studio audience warmly welcome the actress-turned-singer, who not only plays Aria on the hit show 'Pretty Little Liars,' but also released her first country album this summer.

When the blue sliding screen opened, Hale appeared, looking ravishing in a long white dress that was reminiscent of summer. She danced up to one of her band members before walking back to her microphone to start the song. From the moment 'Lie a Little Better' -- a song about being a little silly over love -- began, Hale was comfortable, clearly confident in her true love: singing.

When the chorus started, she raised her hand to belt out the first note, tapping her heels to the beat. Fans are probably used to seeing Hale on their TV screens, especially if they're fans of the hit TV show, but they don't usually see her dance and enjoy herself the way she did on the 'Ellen' stage. She is definitely a musician at heart!

When the song was over, the actress removed her earpieces and gave DeGeneres a big, well-deserved hug.And like a gracious guest, Hale took to Twitter to thank the host for having her on the show, writing, "Thanks for having me. So much fun."

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