Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton kicked off the 2014 ACM Awards with a whole lot of humor ... not to mention a few remarks that may make you blush!

When they walked onto the stage at Las Vegas's MGM Grand, Bryan and Shelton looked like two kids in a candy store.

"Twenty million dollars in hairdos down here has confetti in it," ad-libbed Bryan after the Band Perry's opening performance, which ended with a cloud of white fluff. "This looks like a Head and Shoulders ad!"

With contrasting suits (white for Bryan, black for Shelton), it's clear the two hosts were ready for a fun night ... and they didn't seem too concerned about keeping things PG.

Starting with "If you don’t like live music, you need to go down the block and see Britney Spears," the two had quips about same-sex marriage, the legalization of marijuana and Miley Cyrus. Bryan playfully asked Shelton about his 'social' life with wife, Miranda Lambert.

"Have you thought about if your worst nightmare is that you win [Entertainer of the Year] and Miranda doesn't?" Asked Bryan. "Oh, I'm not concerned about that," quipped Shelton. "As far as I'm concerned, I'm already Entertainer of the Year."

Not one to be outdone, Bryan shot right back, "More like Entertainer of the Minute ... and I'm spotting you 30 seconds."

And the best part about this whole exchange? The camera capturing Lambert's face as she realized the risque hosts were talking about her sex life on national television!