Luke Bryan is country music's ambassador on American Idol, and he takes his role very seriously, especially when it comes to the other judges. Recently he took it upon himself to educate Katy Perry on the finer points of deer hunting, specifically "doe pee."

While chatting with Audacy's Rob and Holly, Bryan shared a story from the set of the reality singing competition. While taking a break from filming, the country singer got a FaceTime call from his oldest son, Bo.

"So, Katy's listening to me talk to my 14-year-old, and he goes, 'Dad, do we have any doe pee around here?' Which is doe urine," he explains. "Watching Katy Perry try to figure out what the hell me and my son were talking about ... she was like, ‘did your son just ask you do you have any dope around the house?’"

"I said, ‘Katy, he’s asking for doe pee,’" he continues. "And she goes, ‘Luke urine from an animal?’ I was like, ‘Yes, that's what we use to bring the big bucks in.’"

Perry was born in Santa Barbara, Calif., and likely hasn't been deer hunting a day in her life. However, hunting is a big part of Bryan's life. The man even has a song titled "Huntin, Fishin, and Lovin' Every Day."

"I feel sorry for her and Lionel and the country education that they have to get from me," he admits. "They educate me on the ins and outs of [the] crazy California, Beverly Hills world and I educate them on hunting, fishing and loving every day."

Perry's fiance, however, got a hands-on country education. The "Country On" singer hosted Orlando Bloom at his house and took him on some outdoor adventures. In fact, Bryan says he and Bloom have a bit of a bromance that is brewing.

"Orlando came into Nashville and I had all these outdoor activities planned for him," Bryan tells Good Morning America. "So me and Orlando, our love is strong. Our love is strong."

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