On Thursday (June 20), Luke Bryan gave viewers of the 'Today' show a sneak preview of his new music video for 'Crash My Party.'

The 'Crash My Party' video has a heavy storyline that kicks off with a phone conversation between two girlfriends. One girl is inviting her friend to come out to a party that evening, but the other isn't so sure if it's the best idea. She's worried about seeing a guy who has hurt her there, but in the end, she decides to go anyway.

The music cues up and Bryan starts singing the first verse of the song, while driving up to a run-down house in a big truck. At first it's hard to figure out how the country singer connects to the plot, but before long you realize that he's living out a separate storyline.

Bryan picks wildflowers and sets a table for dinner in a beautiful field. Meanwhile, the girl's friends string up lights and get ready for a field party. The girl on the phone goes to the field party and reconciles with her man during a fireworks show, while Bryan sets up the perfect outdoor dinner to surprise a blonde-haired beauty.

The video can be a little hard to follow, but in the end, everything makes perfect sense.

Bryan released the 'Crash My Party' on 'Today' as a precursor to his August 16 performance on the show. The tune is the first single from Bryan's next album, which is due out on August 13.