Luke Bryan's 'Drink a Beer' video is a simple, solid and heartfelt tribute to his late siblings.

The music video is the footage and performance from Bryan's 2013 CMA Awards performance, where he raised a beer to his brother Chris and sister Kelly, whom he lost in 1996 and 2007, respectively. The star's performance of the hit was so perfect, it's only fitting that he turned it into a music video, forever commemorating that moment.

The stage that Bryan played on was moody in ambiance, with a forest of trees projected behind him and the band, as well as massive oaks canopying the set. Lots of foggy mist swirled around the country singer as he delivered the emotional song.

Viewers of this music video and emotional performance can't help but be moved by touching lyrics like, "Sometimes the greater plan / Is kinda hard to understand / Right now it don't make sense / I can't make it all make sense / So I'm gonna sit right here / On the edge of this pier / Watch the sunset disappear / And drink a beer."

At the end of Bryan's performance, he stood up, grabbed his can of beer and raised a drink in memory of his two siblings. Their photos were projected on the screen behind him with the words "In memory of Chris & Kelly."

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