When Luke Bryan premiered his video for 'I Don't Want This Night to End' in November 2011, he broke the mold of the traditional music video, showing off his acting skills with a storyline and dialogue interspersed throughout the song. But that video ended on a cliffhanger with the words "to be continued" flashing across the screen. Friday, Bryan premiered his 'Drunk on You' video which provides a nice ending to what was previously unresolved.

In order to fully understand Bryan's 'Drunk on You' video, you have to first know what happened in 'I Don't Want This Night to End.' In the first video, we saw Bryan falling for a pretty blonde who wouldn't even tell him where she was from. Try as he might, the singer wasn't able to coax her into giving him any details about herself, other than the fact that, if he leaves a ticket for her at one of his shows, she might show up.

The new 'Drunk on You' video picks up where that one left off, with Bryan acting at the beginning, asking his manager (actually video director Shaun Silva) to leave a ticket to his show -- though they've been doing the same at every stop without her ever showing. Bryan goes onstage to perform 'Drunk on You,' all the while thinking back on the night he spent with the blonde beauty, where she left him with no way of getting in touch with her.

We won't completely spoil the ending for you, but it's worth watching to see how things turn out between the singer and his mystery lady. Bryan steps into the acting spotlight once again, even if he's just playing the character of himself. 'Drunk on You' is currently sitting at No. 23 on Billboard's Country Songs chart, and perhaps we'll see it climb even higher as fans associate the song with the storyline Bryan has woven into his last two videos. We'll have to see if he carries out this acting theme in his other videos or, who knows, maybe one day we'll see him on the big screen.

Watch the Luke Bryan 'Drunk on You' Video

Watch Luke Bryan's 'I Don't Want This Night to End' Video