Luke Bryan brought the heat to Greensboro, N.C. on Monday night (Feb. 17), and he partied so hard that he actually fell onstage, bringing a whole new meaning to his song 'Crash My Party.'

The country star was in the middle of a rocking guitar solo when it happened. He made his way up and down the catwalk, jamming with his guitarist and captivating the crowd. But when he hopped up onto the main part of the stage, it was as if the step was greased with a pound of butter; his foot slipped -- and Bryan fell hard on his side.

Ever the comedian, the superstar immediately turned the fall into a spread-eagle wipeout, highlighted by a loud yell. As the band continued to play, Bryan laid on the stage and pointed at the sky, letting fans know he was alright.

Although the fall was hardcore, Bryan was obviously humored by it, walking around the stage in disbelief and setting down his guitar. The 'That's My Kind of Night' hitmaker must have received an extra jolt of adrenaline after his wipeout, because he raced down the catwalk to his red Solo cup, took a sip and threw it into the audience, accounting for his second 'spill' of the evening.

Naturally, Bryan gave a few grandiose bows at the end of the song, and was back and running (not too fast!) for the rest of the show.

Bryan is on the first leg of his 2014 That's My Kind of Night Tour, which boasts fellow country buddies Lee Brice and Cole Swindell as openers.