A lot of country music lovers might claim to be Luke Bryan's biggest fan, but 11-year-old Holly Horrell from Illinois probably gets the prize. Instead of taking a trip to Disney World or the beach with her family this summer, Holly begged her parents to take her to Leesburg, Ga., the home of -- you guessed it -- her favorite singer.

"I watch LBTV every week, I watch the videos over and over again and I have tons of pictures," Holly admits to local news station WALB, also sharing her knowledge of all things Luke Bryan. "He has two Broncos, a black and a yellow one and a black truck."

The pre-teen didn't get to meet the 'I Don't Want This Night to End' hitmaker while she was in Leesburg (she's met him before), but she and her family had the unexpected pleasure of getting a personal tour of the town by none other than Bryan's father.

When officials at City Hall in Leesburg found out that the young country music fan was making they pilgrimage to her favorite singer's hometown, they contacted the Bryan family to arrange a meeting. The Horrells were in for an unexpected surprise when Bryan's dad came to take on the role of official Leesburg tour guide.

Their first stop on their list was a visit to Muckalee Creek and the Flint River. Bryan wrote 'Muckalee Creek Water' about the waterway where he grew up fishing, sitting around bonfires and playing music. In 'We Road in Trucks,' the country crooner nods to the Flint River in the song about growing up as a country boy in a small Georgia town.

Enthralled by the waters that inspired her favorite star, Holly Horrell couldn't leave the waterside without dipping her feet in. "I went and put my feet in the water because he sings about it," she said.

After hitting up a few Leesburg hotspots with Bryan's father, the Horrell family had lunch with the singer's mom, LaClair.

"I've never had anyone do like Holly's done," LaClair Bryan told WALB. "She has hit the top of the chart."

Although the 900-mile drive from Illinois to Georgia makes for a super long car trip, Holly says the trip was worth it. In fact, she wants to move to Leesburg now.

"I've always dreamed of coming here and seeing where he grew up," she revealed. "Last year, we went to Minnesota, the year before we went to Disney -- and this tops Disney."

Not every country star can say that they can top Disney World, but thanks to Holly Horrell, Bryan now has those bragging rights!