Luke Bryan always has a memorable Halloween costume, but don't give him any credit. As it turns out, he has absolutely nothing to do with choosing them! The "Southern Gentleman" stopped by our Taste of Country Nights studio this week and spilled the beans on who gets to pick what he wears each Oct. 31.

In recent years, Bryan has hilariously dressed as both a chicken and an old lady (which he felt looked a lot like Madea), but wife Caroline was actually the brains behind the operation. She's the one who chooses his Halloween costumes each year!

“Caroline always picks my Halloween costume, and I have no choice," Bryan admits. "So the morning of Halloween I will see what she is going to put me in and I’ll have to own it … It’s been the case for quite a while — for probably the last six years."

Even though the superstar doesn't get to pick, he always has a good time in whatever he's wearing. “We’re excited. She really gets into Halloween and we have fun with it," he says, proving he's a good sport.

Bryan is currently having fun out on his Farm Tour, singing new music from his Farm Tour ... Here's to the Farmer EP for fans in rural areas. He's excited about the project, and he thinks fans are, too.

"We got the music going and I think people are digging the music," Bryan relates. "I love the songs on there, I love the rural aspect of it. It was fun doing that ... I couldn’t be more excited about the actual product of the farm tour.”

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