Luke Bryan nabbed the buckle for Male Video of the Year at the 2012 CMT Music Awards for his cinematic clip for 'I Don't Want This Night to End.' The ever-excitable singer bounded up on the stage to accept his honor as though he just downed a case of Red Bull.

Bryan was at a loss for words, saying, "Oh my God, wow. I don't know. I want to thank CMT for playing the video." When he composed himself, he also made sure to give props to his understanding wife, joking, "I want to thank my wife. When I came home to show my wife this video, I removed all the bullets from our house. I want to thank her for not buying more bullets to shoot me with. Thank you for letting me do this video."

In case you forgot, the video featured Bryan heavily romancing a young, hot girl.

The singer continued, "This is my second CMT buckle. The first time around, I threw a jacket in the crowd. I found out it was a very expensive jacket, so I thought I would throw something cheaper. I have a lucky charm: lucky camouflage underwear. Tom, do the honors." Presenter Tom Arnold yanked drawers out of Bryan's pants and tossed them into the crowd.

Earlier in the night, Bryan tossed his guitar to a fan during his performance of 'Drunk on You.' Another Bryan fan nabbed a more personal souvenir. What can he say, he's generous. It's also worth mentioning that LB gave what we think was the longest acceptance speech of the evening.

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