Can you imagine how much damage somebody could do if they started impersonating you on a social network? What if you were famous? Well, Luke Bryan can tell you exactly how damaging social media identity fraud is --  someone has been impersonating him on Facebook.

As if that wasn't bad enough, the fakers are going as far as to pretend to be Bryan's wife Caroline, who is only a celebrity by marriage. In an effort to clue in his fans about the imposters, Bryan took to -- what else? -- but his real Facebook page to put out a public message:

hey y'all, PLEASE SHARE THIS! i just want to let everybody in on something. there have been a lot of issues with fake facebook profiles of me. this is the only profile i use for correspondence. i don't have a personal page. if you are friends with another Luke Bryan, unfriend them and don't believe any of the messages. also, people are impersonating my wife of all people. she DOES NOT use facebook. unfriend anyone pretending to be her. i'm sorry for such a long post, but i want all of you, my fans, to be aware of what's going on.

Judging by the response from his followers, people are getting his message loud and clear. Close to 2,000 of his followers shared his status, and nearly 24,000 of them left support in the form of comments and 'likes.'

So, if you happen to come across a suspicious profile for Luke Bryan (or his wife), now you know it's probably a fake. And the 'Drunk on You' singer isn't the only country star who has dealt with this issue. Just three weeks ago, and Indiana man found himself behind bars after posing as Brantley Gilbert.