There's only one Brantley Gilbert, but that hasn't stopped an Indiana man from trying to pose as the 'You Don't Know Her Like I Do' singer. After sending emails and text messages acting as if he were the country star, 25-year-old Thomas Michael Barth has been charged with two counts of felony theft, according to a statement made by the Warsaw Police Department.

Barth posed as Gilbert's manager and photographer -- and later posed as Gilbert himself -- when he sent messages to Robert's Signs, a business in Indiana, and musician Kevin Kyle. Barth received more than $8,000 worth of personalized products and clothing from Robert's Signs during a three-month period. He also obtained more than $4,000 in musical and electronic equipment from Kyle, as well as a computer.

Much of the merchandise has been recovered, and for now, it looks as if Barth was acting alone. Gilbert and his managers have fielded a number of complaints about Barth using the country star's name inappropriately. They ordered him to stop, but Barth continued.

Police said that earlier this month, Barth admitted to misrepresenting Gilbert, and on Thursday (April 29) he turned himself into the LaGrange County Jail in Indiana.

For now, it seems that Brantley Gilbert's identity is safe. And it's a good thing, too. Recently, Gilbert's 2010 album 'Halfway to Heaven' achieved gold status, selling 500,000 copies. The last thing this country star wants to think about is someone stealing his name -- he earned it.