Brantley Gilbert is a major supporter of U.S. troops, and this Memorial Day he hopes people stop the party and remember those who fight for freedom.

"On Memorial Day I feel like everybody goes to a place, or should, I hope they do, go to a place where it’s like, 'Man I have these guys and girls to thank for my freedom and the things that I was able to do today because of my freedom,'" Gilbert says. "It’s because they paid the ultimate price."

"I feel like any time we get an opportunity, even not on Memorial Day, but especially on Memorial Day, just a chance to get silent for a minute and say thank you with your eyes closed," he adds.

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Gilbert continuously shows his gratitude to military by partnering with organizations like Wounded Warriors. Recently, he continued his partnership with Pedigree that awards service dogs to soldiers who need them. During the spring leg of his 2018 the Ones That Like Me Tour, Gilbert presented eight companion dogs to veterans who are selected by the organization Disabled American Veterans. The dogs — serviced by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals — were trained in collaboration with Pedigree and Custom Canine Unlimited.

“Nothing helps heal like an animal’s love," the singer insists. These dogs aren’t just good dogs, they’re trained to help their veteran — and new companion — cope with stress, memories and triggers people can’t see and provide them with a sense of solid grounding."

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