Luke Bryan explores romance (again) in his new 'Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye' video. But this time, he's not one-half of a couple in love, but offering music as a heartsick pair tries to find their way back together! The singer merely factors into the footage by performing with his band, unlike his back-to-back, plot-linked videos for 'I Don't Want This Night to End' and 'Drunk on You,' in which he was the leading man and showed off his acting chops.

As for the 'Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye' narrative, a couple is shown far away from one another, talking on the phone, fingering plane tickets and looking at photos of their counterpart longingly. Something appears to be amiss, though. The girl has a passport at hand, which makes us think a reunion is imminent. Or is she fleeing even further? Oh, the possibilities.

Flashbacks of the good looking pair nuzzling, drinking wine and making out passionately before heading to the bedroom tell their story in Bryan's 'Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye' video. It's certainly amorous and full of romance. You might want to usher any little kids out of the room when you watch it, though. It's not vulgar, but it's certainly sexed up... not that that's a bad thing.

As for the couple on screen... are they coming? Are they going? Is it over? Beginning again? You decide!

Watch the Luke Bryan 'Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye' Video