Luke Bryan's fifth studio album, Kill the Lights, is one of the most-anticipated projects of 2015, and he's giving fans a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the process behind some of the songs, including "Love It Gone."

"Who hasn't been there?" he says of the song's theme. "Who hasn't had a heck of a day where they're just over it, and getting home to your wife ...  this comes at it where, a lot of times when I get home I know Caroline's pretty stressed out about it, and I know so many other people are. This song is about that: 'Let me take you in my arms, and hopefully I can do a little something to help.' It's a cool sentiment and very hooky."

Bryan got his start in country music as a songwriter, and though his recent albums have focused more on songs from outside writers, he took a stronger hand in the songwriting for Kill the Lights. But he turned to Jody Stevens and Jay Clementi for "Love it Gone," which is quite different from some of his contemporary-sounding cuts in that it takes a more traditional approach.

"This song has a totally, totally retro feel," Bryan observes. "It feels like kind of a throwback to older country with the beat and how it lays out, so I'm excited to put that on the record. It's definitely a big ol' country song," he says with a smile.

Watch Bryan talk about the song in the clip above, which is premiering exclusively on Taste of Country. Bryan will be sharing more exclusive content on ToC every day this week, so keep checking back with us for more behind-the-scenes interviews about Kill the Lights.

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