Luke Bryan's nephew, Til, had his wisdom teeth pulled recently, and like any good parent or guardian, Caroline Bryan was there for him. She was also there to film him high on anesthesia and share it with 644K fans on Instagram.

Caroline took one picture and three videos of Til after the surgery was over. She's mugging with him in the photo, but it's all him in each video. Click through to see him with a white bandage around his face — a setup designed to keep cold packs close to his jaw to prevent the inevitable swelling that comes with wisdom teeth extraction.

"I'm stupid," Til says in the first video before assuring Caroline he won't bite his tongue off, even though it looks like he may try.

"You look cute," she tells him in video No. 2.

"I know," he responds.

In the last clip, he's complaining about his face being cold and wanting to remove the cold packs. Just watch for yourself here:

"When your kid gets their wisdom teeth taken out, sometimes you have to film the aftermath of anesthesia. Sorry Til," Caroline writes.

Til has been living with the Bryans for five years — since his father died unexpectedly. His mother (Bryan's sister) also died unexpectedly in May 2007.

Caroline has shared pictures of Til previously, including a collage for his 18th birthday in November. Luke has talked with pride about his nephew's football games and how he's doing overall. The couple have two sons of their own, as well: Bo and Tate.

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