Some very fortunate fans got the star-sighting of their young lives over the weekend. Luke Bryan, out for a run, passed the girls on the beach during the Independence Day holiday — and he was shirtless.

One lucky lady managed to control her swooning enough to snap a photo as the country superstar ran past, while another couple of girls summoned the courage to ask for a selfie with the singer, both of which ended up on Twitter shortly after the run-in.

Bryan isn’t looking too shabby mid-run, showing off his biceps, which are glistening in the sun. He may not be finely chiseled, but we think it’s safe to say nobody minds this #DadBod. The star didn’t seem to mind having his workout interrupted, either, as the photo finds him smiling pretty enthusiastically with the excited fans.

The next day of the holiday weekend, Bryan posted a photo from a fishing expedition with his brother-in-law, holding up a huge catch.

Bryan is notoriously down-to-earth, which somehow only adds to his sexiness.

“I’ve never been a gym rat; I just get up there and do what I do,” he explains to Rolling Stone, speaking of being named the Sexiest Man in Country by People. “It’s flattering to have that happen. Now where’s my worldwide title? I’m coming for you Brad Pitt [and] Ryan Reynolds! I’m comin’ after you!"

Fans are not-so-patiently awaiting Bryan’s upcoming album Kill the Lights, for which he recently released the full track listing. The studio release will include a duet with Little Big Town’s Karen Fairchild, as well as his single "Kick the Dust Up," which has hit No. 2 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart and is the title single for his current tour.

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