Everyone knows that Luke Bryan can shake his hips. And, when he shakes it, he really likes to shake it. But the 'twerking' phenomenon is another thing entirely -- comprised of 'twisting' and 'jerking.' The question is this: Can the 'That's My Kind of Night' hitmaker actually 'twerk' with the best of them? 

Bryan talked twerking with Chelsea Handler on her E! talk show' Chelsea Lately' this week (Aug. 13), and she got down to the juicy details right away. Handler pointed out to the singer, "You've been shaking your a-- a lot on the Internet," and was, of course, interrupted by ear-splitting screams from the audience, which sounded to populated mostly by women.

The star who is currently promoting his newest album, 'Crash My Party,' laughed, flashing his characteristic grin. "I've been working on [my butt], gettin' it," he told the crowd. "And I've learned about twerking. I can't twerk. To twerk, you've gotta have another layer of like sponge or something. So I don't have that."

But the energetic singer pointed out that he tries to maximize what he does have. And sometimes, you've just got to fake it. He hilariously mentioned that after watching a video on twerking, he didn't know if he could do it, and told his friends, "I'm just going to dance. And if it looks like twerking, you can just say, 'He twerked right there!'"

He concluded by telling Handler, "It's just all about energy, moving energy." Well, Bryan certainly has energy -- and he certainly can move. So, with those two things added up, he's doing just fine, at least judging by the screams that are emitted from the audience every time he takes the stage.

Bryan was named Entertainer of the Year at the ACMs for good reason. Even though he can't really twerk, he can certainly entertain an audience, whether it's on 'Chelsea Lately' or in front of thousands of fans.

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