If there's a trend on social media that involves poking fun at your spouse, there's a good chance Carolina Bryan is going to jump on it. Luke Bryan's wife recently participated in the "Your Man" trend on TikTok and offered up some goofy clips of her country-singing husband.

Fans of Bryan know that he tends to be silly, especially around his family. In Caroline's video compilation, there are clips of her hubby flexing in a life jacket and cutting onions in his special tear-reducing glasses, while hip-thrusting.

The "Country On singer is also seen doing the robot on a beach and partaking in some virtual reality at home in his pajamas. Finally, we see Caroline's husband of 16 years back-flopping into the ocean after falling off an inflatable jungle gym.

The trend uses audio pulled from an episode of the Steve Wilkos Show in which the host can't fathom why a woman would stay in an abusive relationship. At one point he has her look at her man on the studio monitor as the famous dialogue unfolds.

While the original audio is less than humorous, the internet has turned it into a tongue-in-cheek trend. Users have been posting silly, less-than-flattering videos of their partners while proclaiming their undying love for them. It's a modern day version of Tammy Wynette's "Stand by Your Man."

Bryan is gearing up for his annual Crash My Playa festival, which will take place Jan. 19-22 in Riviera Cancun, Mexico. Shortly after that, he'll be back in his judges' chair for Season 21 of American Idol, premiering Feb. 19 on ABC.

The Georgia native is also scheduled to return to Las Vegas this year for more of his residency dates at Resorts World.

PICTURES: See Highlights From Luke Bryan's Las Vegas Residency

Luke Bryan opened his Las Vegas residency at Resorts World Theatre with a killer performance on Feb. 11, 2022, and pictures show a high-tech set that served as a backdrop to a stunning performance.

The superstar varied the setlist with selections from every era of his career, backed by sets and visuals that included explosive pyrotechnics, multi-level risers and a catwalk that brought him eye-to-eye with the fans in the upper levels.

Scroll to see pictures from Luke Bryan's triumphant Las Vegas residency.

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