Luke Combs' “Cold as You” music video is a tour de force. Directed by TA Films, the new clip follows a man through an emotion-charged night after he escapes his ex-girlfriend and her new lover through a secret door behind a jukebox in a retro-style diner.

From there, the lead character (Nick McNeil) enters a lively country bar and meets a love interest, with his ex in close pursuit. Ultimately, he leaves the bar together with his new date, bringing the song’s narrative of a bitter breakup full circle to the start of a new romance.

Longtime Combs fans may notice that McNeil and his music video ex (played by Katie Cronin) look familiar: They starred in Combs' very first music video, for his song "Hurricane," and "Cold as You" continues their story.

Combs' mother Rhonda, along with the same child actors who played younger versions of Combs and his wife Nicole in his "Lovin' on You" music video, also appear in the "Cold as You" clip. The video contains multiple "Easter eggs," according to the singer: Most notably, some fans are claiming that a moment when McNeil's character hits the number 26 on the jukebox is a veiled reference to Combs' upcoming album release, suggesting it means the record will arrive on Nov. 26.

Whether or not the reigning ACM Male Artist of the Year will drop his long-awaited third LP on that date, the "Cold As You" music video is rich with references to Combs' personal and professional past. In addition to the above-mentioned moments, he filmed the clip at a diner his college town of Boone, N.C., and at Whiskey River, a bar and restaurant chain owned by Dale Earnhardt Jr.

"Cold As You," which Combs wrote alongside Randy Montana, Shane Minor and Jonathan Singleton, is currently in the Top 20 and rising at country radio. All 11 of the singles he's released throughout his career have gone to No. 1.

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