Luke Combs entered into a new chapter of his life last summer when his first child — a boy named Tex — was born. While the parenting gig comes with plenty of adult-like responsibilities, the "Hurricane" singer says it makes him feel joy like a kid again.

Even a simple photo of his son can give him a mood boost.

"It just makes my whole day, it can make you feel instantly amazing just seeing them in their little chair, bouncing around or whatever they are doing. It’s amazing, something so simple. It almost feels like in a way that I am a kid again," he shares with Sirius XM's The Highway.

Combs and his wife Nicole welcomed Tex on June 19, 2022 — his arrival was the perfect Father's Day gift and one that would be hard to beat in the future.

Now, combing up on one year of being a dad, the "Beer Never Broke My Heart" is basking in a love he has never felt before.

"A whole new level of love that is unlocked with a child," he shares. "It’s different from the love you have for your wife. It’s a different kind of love."

"As your child starts to smile, laugh and recognize you when you come in the room, it’s like, it just all unveils itself," Combs continues, "And I think the thing that blew me away the most was how much of a serotonin dump there is from just looking at a picture of him on my phone or getting a picture from my wife or a little video of my wife when I am out here."

While the "Going, Going, Gone" artist is on the road, photos and videos of his son doing new things are extremely important. Despite touring on the Middle of Somewhere Tour in 2022, he and Nicole decided not to take Tex on the road — they expressed they are not interested in doing anything that would disrupt his quality of life at such a young age.

"I think you need at least a year before the road thing," the singer told Country Countdown USA in last year. "We don't even take our dog on the road because we feel it affects his quality of life. We want to be sure we have this parenting thing down before we take it on the road."

Combs will spend more time away from home this year with his massive world tour, kicking off on March 25. The 35-date trek will span three continents and keep him busy through Oct. 19.

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