Luke Combs is deep in his dad era, and his "The Man He Sees in Me" lyrics prove it.

The father of two has had babies on his mind the last few years, and it's showing up in his music. In January, the proud father of two shared an unreleased track titled "The Man He Sees in Me" with fans. The song speaks to his new role as a dad and how he wants to be viewed in the eyes of both of his young sons, Tex and Beau.

Who Are Luke Combs' Kids?

The "Where the Wild Things Are" singer became a father on June 19, 2022 with the arrival of Tex Lawrence Combs. It wasn't too long before Combs, and his wife, Nicole, joined the "two under two" club, when baby Beau was born on Aug. 15, 2023.

The couple has opted to keep their children's privacy safe and don't post photos of their boys on social media very often. On the rare occasion that they do share a picture, they obscure their sons' faces.

Combs admits that many of the songs he has been writing lately are inspired by his role as a father and have appropriately been written during his shifts on "dad duty," while Nicole showers or works out.

Here Are Luke Combs' "The Man He Sees in Me" Lyrics

He’s Spider-Man in Walmart boots / And a camouflage hat / With a baby blue Zebco / That gets hung up every cast

He thinks he’s learning fishing / From the man that taught Bill Dance / And I think as I untangle it and put it in his hands


I hope he never finds out that I didn’t hang the moon / And I’ve never scared a monster out the closet in his room / Someday between him leaving home and driving on my knee / Maybe I’ll finally be, the man he sees in me

He waves his blanket like a checkered flag / Pulling off of the interstate / With a happy meal cup held high / Like I won the big race

When we get inside, his mind is blown / When I untie his shoes / And he smiles and says, “Daddy, there ain’t nothing you can’t do”


I know he’s gonna find out that I didn’t hang the moon / There never was a monster in the closet of his room

Someday when he’s driving home with his son on his knee / I hope he’s trying to be the man he sees in me / The man he sees in me

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