Maren Morris is playing a very special intimate gig in Nashville for the upcoming Give a Home event, and she's inviting fans to enter to win a chance to see her live up close and personal.

The “I Could Use a Love Song” singer is performing a private gig in Music City on Sept. 20 as part of the concert series, which is a global music event presented by Amnesty International and Sofar Sounds. Musicians from around the world are working to unite people in showing solidarity with refugees who’ve been forced to flee their homes and help raise awareness of solutions to the refugee crisis. The shows are in support of Amnesty International's I Welcome program.

Morris was in from the moment event organizers reached out to her.

"I've never gotten to do a gig like this before, and it's for such a great cause, a really important one," she tells Taste of Country. "So I felt like it was just a really big deal."

Morris says the plight of refugees who've been displaced by violence, natural disasters or social upheaval is a topic that's particularly timely.

"It's extremely relevant to the day and age we're living in right now," she reflects. "To be the Nashville representative is so cool. I'm glad to represent my town and country music."

She stresses that she doesn't see the refugee crisis as a partisan political issue.

"It's a human issue, not a political one," Morris states. "That's what seemed so endearing to me, that [the event] wasn't for a political party or anything like that. I consider it to be an honor to represent my genre in a really unique and modern way. I'm just trying to make great music and use the really incredible upper hand that I've gotten with being able to do what I love every day for good, so this is one of the ways I feel like I am."

Morris is very mindful that the refugees who will receive attention and vital assistance through the Give a Home event were not dealt as lucky a hand. The CMA, ACM and Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter says she feels giving back is important for artists.

"Doing music is such a freedom and a luxury for me, and the reason I get to do it every day is kind of the luck of the draw," she reflects. "Because not everyone gets to. So to be able to do an intimate concert that's going to be broadcast around the world along with 300 other artists to bring such attention to this human rights cause I think is one of the more fortunate things I've been able to be a part of in my career."

Fans are hosting more than 300 separate shows in 60 different countries as part of the worldwide Give a Home event, which features some of the world’s biggest music stars, refugee artists and activists in intimate shows in people’s homes. The lineup includes Morris, Ed Sheeran, Esperanza Spalding, Moby and many more. Fans who want to attend the Give a Home gigs can visit the event website to sign up to win tickets, and while Give a Home is asking fans for a donation to support Amnesty International when they enter, a financial contribution is not mandatory.

Morris will appear on the Nashville bill with Jamie Lidell, Paper Route and Ron Pope, and fans who enter by the deadline on Sept. 10 will learn the secret location for the performance on the day of the show. Morris is looking forward to not only supporting a worthy cause, but also playing a unique gig.

"This just seemed like such an organic and fun way to do an intimate concert for fans, and also bring a lot of awareness and attention to Amnesty International," she says. "Really great artists have done it in the past, and I'm excited to be one of them."

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