Maren Morris unveiled a brand new song tentatively titled "If I Just Get Out of My Way" during a livestream concert broadcast from Brooklyn Bowl Nashville on Friday (Dec. 4).

Luckily for Morris fans who didn't tune in to the show as it happened, some viewers captured part of the fresh ditty from the performance and shared it on Twitter. Watch the video further down in this post.

As reported by the Nashville Scene, which reviewed the singer's entire livestream concert, "If I Just Get Out of My Way" finds Morris "examining her choices and the ways she's coped with tough times in the past."

That's certainly an accurate account of the number that Morris performed accompanied only by a lone acoustic guitar player during last week's Brooklyn Bowl broadcast. The brooding tune finds the entertainer wondering, "What if 'happy ever after' isn't just something we say?" She also intones the evocative, title-containing couplet, "I know I'm going to make it to the stars someday / If I just get out of my way."

Before the broadcast, a press release touted the following:

"Flaunting a fusion of country, folk and pop influences, Maren Morris plays live from Brooklyn Bowl Nashville on Friday, Dec. 4. Carrying a catalog of powerhouse vocals and genre-bending anthems, tune in and feel Maren's energy live from Music City."

Morris interacted with some viewers' feeds as they were piped into the venue. She even singled out one group who were strumming along on their own guitars during her set, as the Scene notes.

It'd be no mistake to say that Morris has wrapped up a singularly successful 2020. In November, she won both Song of the Year and Single of the Year at the 2020 CMA Awards. Before that, she captured the Female Artist of the Year distinction at September's 2020 ACM Awards.

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