Maren Morris made her late night television debut on Monday night (June 6) on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon.

Performing "My Church," the hot newcomer began the soulful song alone quietly on acoustic guitar before her band joined in once she began singing the opening line. Donned in a fringe top and snakeskin skirt, Morris belted the chorus much to the approval of host Jimmy Fallon.

"Even though I didn't write it from a particularly religious standpoint that day, I was talking literally about music being my version of church," she tells Rolling Stone Country. "I'm not dogging it by any means, but for me, even I had gone to church, it was always the music portion that I woke up for. People are always going to talk some sort of s--t, or find something negative to say, but I don't think there's one person on this planet that doesn't like music or has not had an experience where you feel that connected to something through music."

"My Church" was recently certified gold by the RIAA. Morris revealed the good news on Instagram.

“When you’re recovering from your tonsillectomy and you get the best news ever,” she captions a photo of the single artwork. “‘My Church’ went officially gold this week! Can’t thank the fans enough for owning my music like a BOSS.”

In an interview with ToC Nights host Sam Alex, Morris explains that she named her major label debut album Hero for one of the album's tracks.

“I actually named the record based off of one of the songs off the record called ‘I Wish I Was,’ and it says in the chorus of that song, ‘I’m not the hero in this story.’ I just think about the headspace I was in the day I wrote that song, where I’m basically having to end a relationship and be the bad guy and how far I’ve come since that day,” she divulges. “It’s really been this long journey to be able to say that I’ve become my own hero. This album really reflects every moment of that journey.”

Hero was released on June 3 and has already been marked a Taste of Country Critic's Pick.

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