Matt Stell's follow-up to "Prayed for You" is another easy listening love song from the heart. "Everywhere But On" finds the country newcomer on the other end of love, and he takes it in stride.

"Everywhere But On" stays away from becoming a saccharine "miss you" lyric, instead relying on a clever hook to get his point across. The singer plays a man avoiding memories of his ex by moving all over the country. We get it when he sings, "I've moved everywhere but on."

Credit Stell, Paul Sikes and Lance Miller for the sharp, accessible country lyric. Sonically the song aims right down country Main St. with a soundscape that acts to support the vocalist. There are no frayed edges or sharp corners on this song, which will be an asset when it comes to radio airplay, but will mean a few listens are necessary before you start to remember the song's name and performer.

Did You Know?: In college Stell performed under a pseudonym so his basketball coach wouldn't find out about his side hustle. He was Paul Wayne Walker when he took the stage.

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Matt Stell's "Everywhere But On" Lyrics:

It’s a big ol' world outside this little town / Thought that’s all I needed to drown you out / It was gonna be easy, it was supposed to be easy / Put some days, put some miles in the rearview / A few state lines between me and you / Just a little space and time and I’d be fine.

I’ve been from Savannah to Long Beach / Trying to keep your memory out of reach / But there you were in the Delta nights, the Santa Fe sun, the Colorado sky / I could add another push pin to the map / But that don't stop me from missing you and looking back / Guess there's just one place I haven’t gone / I’ve moved everywhere but on.

My mail’s still going to mama’s house / ‘Cause I’m still long gone trying to figure out / Who I am without you and why I still think about you / Just biding my time making ends meet / Loading trucks, pouring coffee, pouring concrete / Planning my next move for getting over you, yeah.

Repeat Chorus

If I had it my way this ol' highway / Would have fixed me up somehow / Would have led me home by now.

Repeat Chorus

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