Matt Stell's debut single "Prayed for You" is a love ballad that's likely to be a forever song for many couples. The easy wedding song showcases the newcomer's comfortable vocal style and sharp songwriting skills.

Stell plays a man eternally grateful for a love that God has led him to and has no problem peeling away the layers of a guarded heart to show his appreciation. "Prayed for You" doesn't rely on metaphor or symbolism to make a point — Stell's new song hits the heart without much garnish, but with just enough poetic license. Done wrong this expression would seem boorish, but lyrically finds a conversation many have had or wish they would have. It's very aspirational.

Credit Allison Veltz and Ash Bowers for co-writing "Prayed for You" for Stell. Sonically the song aims at the heart of a mainstream country audience. Any comparisons to the first two songs from Russel Dickerson's catalog are fair and just.

Did You Know?: Matt Stell is very tall. In fact he's likely the tallest active singer in country music today.

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Matt Stell's "Prayed for You" Lyrics:

I've never been one to ask for help / If I need a mountain moved I move it myself / I ain't the church pew regular, twice on Sunday / Quote you the scripture kind / I'm far from a preacher but I'm a believer.

'Cause every single day, before I knew your name / I couldn't see your face, but I prayed for you / Every heartbreak trail when all hope fell / On the highway to hell, I prayed for you / I kept my faith like that old King James said I'm supposed to / It's hard to imagine, bigger than I could fathom / I didn't know you from Adam but I prayed for you.

For Someone to love me like you do / Graceful eyes to see me through / A smile that steals me, a heart that heals me, a touch that kills me too / Baby your perfect, I guess the Good Lord heard it.

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Chorus

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