The video for Michael Ray's aching single "Her World or Mine" was born from personal heartache.

The storyline follows his parents' very real divorce story, as seen through the eyes of an 8-year-old boy — young Michael Ray — and the perspective of other family members. We see Ray's parents (his father portrayed by One Tree Hill star Chad Michael Murray) constantly fighting, which casts  a dark cloud over the household.

Meanwhile, his grandfather walks around in pain from the death of his wife, nursing a bottle of whiskey while looking through a slideshow of photos of their life together. Though Michael's mother ends up leaving — he watches from the top of the staircase as she walks out of the front door — the family comes together for his grandmother's funeral at the end of the video.

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“I wanted to tell the story of my parents’ divorce and that part of my life – the confusion and the fact that it wasn’t easy for a while. And losing my grandparents was a massive hit, not only to me, but my whole family,” Ray shares in a press release, adding that his grandfather taught him how to play guitar during this difficult time in life. "It was my outlet. It was my way to get away from all the hell and chaos that was going on.”

“This song touched me. It’s my favorite, personally," says Murray. “It’s so relatable and it deals with so many issues that everybody’s going through."

"Her World or Mine" is the third single from Ray's 2018 album Amos, which was named in honor of his grandfather.

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