Mickey Gilley turned to social media to give an update after he was injured in a car accident on Wednesday (Jan. 3), assuring fans that he'll be back onstage as soon as possible.

The 81-year-old country legend and his son Michael were driving through the tiny town of Lufkin, Texas, on their way to Branson, Mo., where Gilley owns a theater and continues to perform. Another driver ran a stop sign in front of the 2013 Toyota SUV Michael Gilley was driving, and though he swerved to try to avoid an accident, he ended up clipping the other car.

"I had an accident yesterday. We rolled a car about three times over," Gilley shared with fans on Facebook Thursday (Jan. 4). "I have a fractured left ankle and a fractured right shoulder. I am having a hard time walking because I have a big boot on my left leg. But other than that I’m doing pretty good. To be 81 years old and put myself through what I’ve been through, it’s kinda tough sometimes on the old man, but I don’t intend to retire. I will be out there on the road and I’ll see you real soon."

Gilley also shared a photo of the accident scene, showing the devastated vehicle upside down by the side of the road while an EMS responder tends to his injuries.

Gilley has rescheduled his live show that was previously for Saturday (Jan. 6) at the Texas Theatre in Greenville, Texas to give him time to recuperate from his injuries. The singer — whose hits in the '70s and '80s included "Room Full of Roses," "Stand By Me," "True Love Ways" and "The Power of Positive Drinkin'" — plans to resume his normal touring schedule on Jan. 20 with a show at the Orange Blossom Opry in Weirsdale, Fla.

The singer and pianist is used to overcoming adversity. He had to undergo years of physical therapy after an accident in 2009 left him temporarily paralyzed and unable to perform. Gilley returned to the stage at his theater in Branson in 2010, and returned to national touring in 2014.

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