Mickey Guyton's video for her single, 'Better Than You Left Me,' is a visual many women can relate to. It's about a bad breakup and calling on your best friends (and your sweet pup) to help you through it.

“It’s starring myself and my dog, Charlie, and my best friends," the singer tells Taste of Country. "It’s just my process of getting over a really bad breakup and how my girlfriends help me get out of that funk.”

The beautiful and equally talented Guyton appears distraught in the emotional new video. She starts the breakup process by going through a box of old photos, getting lost in her thoughts and cuddling with her dog. It's not long before her friends come to her rescue, proving their BFF status. They come with hugs and a full day of activities to help heal Guyton's heart.

The singer changes into a sunny yellow top, and her demeanor starts to change as she enjoys time with her friends, smiling and laughing. The trio cheers with coffee mugs, peruse records at a local record shop and sing karaoke together. All images of her ex-boyfriend -- one that she admits she is no longer friends with -- have now been replaced with her best girls, and her frown is now a smile. In the end, Guyton is truly better than she was with him.

Watch the entire music video for Guyton's breakup song above.

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