Mindy McCready gave her family, and the rest of America, quite a scare when she and her young son disappeared in late 2011.

The 'Ten Thousand Angels' singer apparently nabbed 5-year-old Zander from her parents' Florida home and fled the state, but later defended her actions to reporters, saying that she was simply trying to protect the boy from a nasty custody battle and that it was a "cry for help." The pair were eventually discovered hiding in a closet in Arkansas, unscathed, and following a court date, the child was returned to Florida.

Throughout the ordeal, it was revealed that McCready is nearing the end of another pregnancy -- this time with twins.

McCready's 2011 definitely ended with quite a bang, and with all of the drama that ensued following her disappearance, she quickly became a Top 10 News Story of 2011.

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