Mindy McCready is back home, but her sons are not. The singer was released from a treatment facility and will undergo 21 days of outpatient treatment, although sources say drug and alcohol tests revealed nothing suspicious.

E! News reports that McCready's children are still in foster care as of last Wednesday. Six-year-old Zander and 9-month-old Zayne were taken when McCready was involuntarily admitted to the treatment facility. Her ex-husband, Billy McKnight, recently filed several motions seeking custody of Zander, his son with McCready. Zayne is the son of David Wilson, the man who allegedly committed suicide last month, triggering this most recent string of events.

"Being involuntarily committed and having her children taken away from her was eye-opening," an anonymous source told E! News. "It helped her realize she needs to focus on putting her family back together and moving forward from this tragedy."

Wilson was found dead on Jan. 13. Local investigators have been hesitant to call the death a suicide until autopsy reports come back. McCready has denied any involvement in her boyfriend's death.

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