Custody arrangements for Zander -- Mindy McCready's 6-year-old son with ex-husband Billy McKnight -- are once again in dispute, as McKnight has filed multiple motions with regards to McCready's parenting and rocky personal life. He's asking for primary custody of the boy, and has filed additional motions to compel McCready to submit to drug and alcohol testing and undergo a psychological evaluation.

"Who in their right mind would want their child with Mindy right now?" McKnight said during an interview with WBBH television on Tuesday (Feb. 5), adding that he feels McCready's life is spinning out of control.

KARK reports that McKnight expressed sympathy for the one-time country singer before stressing, "I am extremely concerned that my son is in danger."

"Demonstrated by her willingness to break the law and ignore the courts, Mindy's emotional well-being is not stable enough to have full custody of our son," he insists. "I want to be there for my son and look out for his best interests. I will continue this fight as long as it takes to make sure my son's safety is guaranteed and he is returned to me."

The has custody battle resurfaced just three weeks after McCready's fiance, David Wilson, was found dead in the Heber Springs, Ark. home which he shared with the singer, Zander, and their infant son together, Zayne. Initial reports suggested that his death was a suicide, but local officials have hesitated to call it such before autopsy results are returned. McCready has since denied involvement in his death.

The 'Ten Thousand Angels' singer ended up in Arkansas after fleeing with Zander in 2011, breaking a custody agreement she had in Florida. She was eventually found hiding in Wilson's closet when police arrived, but a judge later determined she would not have to return Zander. McCready and Wilson welcomed Zayne in April 2012.

Billy McKnight says he has not talked to Zander since Thanksgiving and hasn't actually seen him since July of last year.

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