It's no secret that Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton are extreme animal lovers. So it was really no big surprise that when the famous couple found out about a controversial policy at the Tishomingo, Oklahoma Animal Shelter -- a shelter which they donated -- they were upset and eager to make changes.

Individually, both Lambert and Shelton took to Twitter this week to raise concerns about a practice in place at the shelter which allows them to put incoming dogs down after just three days in residence, which the couple feels is not enough time to locate owners or find new homes.

"That animal shelter was donated by Miranda and myself... THATS why it's so upsetting. Help and assistance from us is only one call away," Shelton posted, later adding, "Imagine if your dog got put there 3 days before you figured it out?!"

According to a local news broadcast, the ordinance has been in place since the early '90s. But Lambert's superstar status has already helped lengthen the lives of the dogs in the shelter, and she's hoping to soon make changes there for good.

After making it her personal mission to get help for the helpless, the 'Over You' hitmaker shared some good news with local fans. "To everyone in Johnston county Oklahoma ... city mngr gave me his word no dogs will be put down at Tishomingo shelter on friday..." she tweeted, later adding that it's MuttNation Foundation's goal to make the shelter no-kill permanently.

MuttNation Foundation is Lambert's non-profit charity organization which helps provide assistance and safe havens (like the Tishomingo shelter) for stray animals. In donating the shelter, Lambert and Shelton were hopeful that they would ultimately be providing long-lasting homes for pets -- something they can't do if dogs are only kept alive for a few short days after coming in.

Because of Lambert's efforts, the city manager has already put a new informal policy in place, which involves putting pictures of the animals up which are up for adoption in the local paper, hoping it will attract new interest. To date, Lambert and Mutt Nation have raised incredible amounts of funding and awareness for the cause, ultimately making a huge difference in many lives of innocent animals.

" is rockin the world little by little," Lambert wrote on Twitter, encouraging fans to check out the site and help make a difference. "We Love all that love the animals. #dogsrule and cats too. It's Muttnation Foundation's mission to make the Tishomingo animal shelter a no kill shelter and we will do it! #animals rule!"

Fans who wish to get on board with Lambert and Shelton to voice their opinions -- or, better yet,  donate to the cause -- should check out the Mutt Nation Foundation online by clicking here.

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