It's clear watching Ashley Monroe sing "You've Got a Friend" with Miranda Lambert that it's not just another performance for her. YouTube video from the Certified Platinum tour stop in Connecticut captures the emotions of the moment — emotions Monroe says were almost overwhelming.

“That moment, to be on stage with her, the last night of this huge tour, looking at each other singing 'All you have to do is call and I’ll be there,'" she says, almost tearing up again at the memory, "it was really emotional.”

Lambert came to Monroe a couple hours before the show and asked her to sing the song with her. The two are practically sisters, the "On to Something Good" singer says.

“You can tell our love for each other is so real and there’s such a strong bond there," Monroe insists, "And also to look out at the crowd and just be so grateful.”

Monroe often looks like she's on the verge of tears when she sings, something she attributes to reliving her many autobiographical songs in real time. Looking at Lambert, and then the audience, took it to a new level.

“These are friends, too," she shares. "These are people that show up and drive to see her play and now a lot of them to see me open for her."

Even though the Certified Platinum tour has wrapped, Monroe and Lambert will still team up. The "Little Red Wagon" singer joins her friend on a song called "The Blade" on Monroe's upcoming new studio album.

“It’s one of the best country songs I ever heard in my life," Monroe says of a song that she found at the last minute.

And then they'll always have Pistol Annies. Yes, you read that right. She'll always have Pistol Annies.

“Pistol Annies are madly in love with each other. There’s a constant text thread," Monroe assures. "There’s nothing that will break Pistol Annies. That’s impossible. Literally. That bond is so close."

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