'The Voice' contestant RaeLynn may not have been the last hopeful standing for Team Blake Shelton during this season of the popular reality show, but that doesn't mean the young singer holds any grudges against her former coach. According to a recent iHeartRadio interview with Miranda Lambert, the Shelton' are expanding their Los Angeles home to accommodate an unlikely new family member.

"Well, we kind of adopted her. She's been staying with us at our house in L.A., and we already written a song and started another one," says Lambert (quote via WQIK). "I'm really happy that there's another female coming along that's a little fiesty. I think we need that."

The 'Over You' singer even affectionately refers to RaeLynn as "Baby Annie," implying that the young singer has become an honorary member of Lambert's popular side gig, Pistol Annies.

Lambert's latest revelation isn't the first public admittance of a close relationship between the former contestant and Shelton. After the 'Drink on It' singer read an article in which a critic wrote, "If I found myself locked in a room with the choice between Erin Martin or RaeLynn being played on a loop until death mercifully found me, I’d have to go with RaeLynn, but there is no way, America — no way — that her floppy, incomprehensible rendition of ‘Wake Up Call’ was better than Jordis Unga‘s ‘Alone’," Shelton fired back in his usual straightforward manner.

"I wish all I had to do in life was lay around on my big a– judging the people who try while eatin’ extra movie theatre butter pop-secret…” the angry 'The Voice' coach. “Can you believe a grown adult feels good about making a living trashing kids following their dreams while hiding behind their laptop? Sad."

Despite not winning the grand prize, RaeLynn finds comfort in her alliance with Lambert, who is also a former reality show contestant. "It’s awesome to have Miranda backing me. She’s a great person," RaeLynn says. "She finished third [on 'Nashville Star'] and she said, ‘I’m bigger than the person that won.’ And not saying that in a rude way, but she goes, ‘You don’t have to finish first to win ultimately. You just do your best and that’s what’s going to help you win.’ I take that to heart and I finished third on Blake’s team and that means a lot to me.”

There is still no word on when country's newest teen addition plans to release an album, but with the genre's most iconic couple as loyal supporters, there's no doubt that she'll be a success.