As expected, Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood's 'Somethin' Bad' video shows off the dark side of the superstars that the sultry and sassy number depicts, but unlike most music videos, this one plays like a movie trailer.

The familiar green screen announcing that the film has not yet been rated comes up before 'Somethin' Bad' begins playing. At the start, Lambert and Underwood are shown getting their mug shots, with the opening credits scrolling their names, giving it a real movie trailer vibe.

As the 'Somethin' Bad' video unfolds, fans understand why the two lovely ladies are getting their mug shots. They start out at a bank, where they appear to be working. They're polished, professional and donning different wigs to cover up their unruly blonde locks -- a far cry from what they look like in their jail snapshots, with jean shorts and tank tops.

Underwood and Lambert indulge in all kinds of bad behavior, from playing poker while dressed to the nines, to walking into the bank's vault and stuffing money and jewels into bags, revving the engines on motorcycles and even taking part in a fiery stunt. Oh yeah, that's enough to land them in trouble.

The ambiance of the 'Somethin' Bad' music video feels exactly like a film -- and fans of any movie would certainly be thronging to the theatre to watch this action-filled flick. Just as with their performances of the song, Lambert and Underwood brought their A-game to the music video, and Taste of Country gives it two thumbs up.

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