Miranda Lambert and Chris Young traffic in the same genre and are currently on tour together, but if there's one instance in which they differ, it's their Super Bowl picks this year. The New York Giants will square off against the perennial favorite New England Patriots on Sunday (Feb. 5) for Super Bowl XLVI (a rematch of Super Bowl XLII) and Young spoke like a tried and true football fan while Lambert spoke like a girl who could care less, if we didn't know any better.

Young is throwing down for the Giants, pointing out to Country Weekly that "The Giants got healthy at the right time. He also assessed their defense, saying, "That front four . . . when you can rush the passer with four players like that? They look as good as they've ever looked, and to be able to apply that pressure and drop the rest of your team into coverage? To me, that defense will make the difference, plus [quarterback] Eli Manning and those receivers? They're gonna score some points. I'm going Giants."

Young is clearly a football fan and a student of the game.

As for Lambert? She couldn't decide, so she went with the Patriots, because of dreamy quarterback Tom Brady, who's married to a supermodel. She mused, "If I have to pick, I’ll choose the cutest quarterback, which is Tom Brady." Spoken like a girl who could care less about the sport?

Actually, not really. Lambert likes football; she's just a fan of the Arizona Cardinals, as is her husband Blake Shelton. Since their team didn't even make the playoffs, the outcome is less important to her. That's typical of many football fans. If your team is out, you root arbitrarily.

Lambert and Shelton will sing 'American the Beautiful' at the game, as well.