Country songstress Miranda Lambert is known for being open about her emotions. Every once in a while, the tell-it-like-it-is country star shows fans a softer side. Or at least, that's exactly what happened when she broke down in tears during her performance in Wichita, Kansas on Saturday night.

It all started over the weekend, when tornadic weather tore across the Midwest. The Examiner reports that during her stop in Wichita that night, a tornado touched down just miles from the venue where she was singing. Officials halted the performance, but Lambert stayed with her fans until the weather passed and the show could safely resume.

But during a touching post-tornado rendition of 'The House That Built Me,' fans sang the first verse as Lambert wiped tears from her eyes and swayed along to their song. She gathered her composure during the second verse and finished the song with her voice restored.

It's hard to say what shook the award-winning singer during her performance. It could be that raging storms overwhelmed her with the thought of losing her own childhood home. Of course, it's entirely likely that this difficult year is just taking its toll on the songstress, as this isn't the first time she's broken down during the song. But her tears are understood. Earlier this year, Lambert lost her father-in-law, her childhood friend, and even her longtime pet.

Despite the dangers of tornado season, Lambert will continue delivering her On Fire Tour dates in the Midwest, with stops in Milwaukee, Wisc. (April 19) and Minneapolis, Minn. (April 20) on the horizon this week.

Watch Miranda Lambert Cry While Fans Sing 'The House That Built Me'