Miranda Lambert and her husband Brendan are mourning the death of their dog Thelma this week. The pup — one of two Great Pyrenees she adopted in 2016 — came at a pivotal time in the singer's life.

Lambert revealed she adopted the two dogs in May 2016 and named them Thelma and Louise, in honor of the 25th anniversary of a movie by that name. "They rode on my bus all the way from Dallas to Nashville and on that 10 hour drive I fell in love with them," she remembers in a tribute post.

At the time, Lambert was just recently divorced from Blake Shelton and in the middle of creating an album that would become The Weight of These Wings. She shared that they were to watch over her new farm and the mini-horses there ...

"... and these 2 girls have done that since the day we brought them home," she shares, updating the story in Tuesday's post (July 25).

Yesterday we had to say goodbye to our sweet Thelma. She spent her days lounging in the barn and her nights keeping watch over all of us. She lived the last 8 years with no fences, just freedom to do what she did best. Love and protect. I loved her with all my heart.

The new post also shares an update on Louise.

"Louise has retired from her farm duties and is getting all the more love and snuggles from Delta, Bellamy, Cher, Brendan and me," Lambert writes. "It hurts so bad to say goodbye to these sweet companions but their love is always worth it."

Thelma and Louise were Lambert's sixth and seventh dogs, but in 2020 and 2021 her dogs Waylon and Jessi died. Since she only lists three dogs in revealing news of Thelma's death, fans can assume she's down one or two more. Photos of the pups fill a carousel on Lambert's Instagram page.

"Y"all don't forget, love a shelter pet," she writes.

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