Miranda Lambert's "Little Red Wagon" video finds her looking sleek and sexier than ever.

The 31-year-old country superstar first unveiled the clip on Entertainment Tonight Tuesday night (March 10), giving viewers a glimpse behind the scenes of the production. The full video is now online, and it shows off Lambert at her hottest.

The singer, who lost a reported 45 pounds last year, is clad in short shorts, along with red boots, shirt and sunglasses in the clip, which starts off with her pulling a trailer through the desert, complete with a vanity license plate that reads "PLATNM," a reference to her current smash album, Platinum. Lambert pulls up to a motel in the middle of nowhere and goes to check in, accompanied (of course!) by an adorable little dog, though a sign behind the desk plainly reads, "No Pets Allowed."

She charms everyone from the desk manager to the maid, and pretty soon the entire motel staff is moving along to the music, with the man behind the desk joining in on a mean air guitar. Lambert also flirts with the shirtless pool boy, but by the end of the video there's no doubt who owns her heart — as she's walking toward her platinum trailer to head on down the road, she's wearing a belt that says "Mrs. Shelton" on the back.

"Little Red Wagon" is one of the edgiest songs country radio has seen in years.

"Someone told me about the song," Lambert tells ET. "A girl named Audra Mae wrote it. I kind of tracked her down a little bit in a stalker way because I was obsessed with her music and met her and we became friends. I asked her if I could record her song and she said, 'Absolutely!' and she actually sang background on the record."

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