Miranda Lambert agreed to the conditions around her next tattoo well over a year ago, but apparently there's no statute of limitations on these kinds of things. "This morning he’s sending me drawings and I was like, ‘Oh my God, he really means this,'" the singer says.

The "He" Lambert is referring to is songwriter Luke Dick, one-third of the team (along with Lambert and Natalie Hemby) who wrote "Bluebird." They made a deal that if the singer's soulful ballad from Wildcard hit No. 1 on radio airplay charts, they'd get bluebird tattoos together. It's not that she's opposed to ink, it's just that ...

“My arms are getting pretty full already."

That's no joke. Here are photos of eight of Lambert's tattoos that we know about:

Here Are Photos of Miranda Lambert's 8 Tattoos:

Lambert talked to Taste of Country Nights about the tattoo promise earlier this week (listen to the full interview below). "Bluebird" is expected to become her first No. 1 hit in eight years on Monday. "Over You" was her last chart-topper — despite critical acclaim, music from her most recent albums hasn't garnered as much airplay as her record label team hoped.

“I’m a little bit sad we can’t celebrate in a bigger way, but there will be a time for that,” she tells Evan and Amber.

Lambert is enjoying this extended break from the road and expects it to continue through 2020. She says she has a few live stream commitments in September, but after that, she expects to hitch up her 2020 Airstream camper and head west to California with husband Brendan McLoughlin. Her focus has been on family since March, not writing songs or exercising or any of those things she feels pressure to do when she's in full work mode.

Look for Lambert to announce the next single from Wildcard soon.

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Miranda + Brendan's House Is Simply Stunning:

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