Miranda Lambert has always been able to stun us with her dashing red carpet looks, as well as rock out spunkier dresses and tops. Now the singer has something to show for it with an online, personal style page on boutiques.com.

"Although most of my time is spent in jeans and a T-shirt, on occasion I love to get dressed up," Lambert writes on her website in regards to her look. "Whether it's for red carpet events or a performance out on the road, I love to mix my girly side with my more rock 'n' roll side."

"You can get ideas for your look, take a style quiz, make comments and check out who wore what recently, including yours truly," she adds about her personalized page.

Ran recently slimmed down a couple sizes as a result of a simple change in eating habits. “Now instead of Cheetos, I choose almonds,” Lambert confesses to Us Weekly, adding that she's also removed mayonnaise, potatoes and bread from her diet.

Head over to Lambert's site to check out her style, a conglomerate of distressed jeans, bedazzled tops and hip-hugging leather. Be forewarned -- there's an insane amount of extremely cute pumps!

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