Find Miranda Lambert in the crux of a big decision during "Settling Down," her new single from the Wildcard album.

The pensive, mid-tempo acoustic track finds the singer with Luke Dick and Natalie Hemby ("Bluebird") once again. The trio is unafraid to make a mainstream audience think hard on their message, knowing a reward awaits. "Settling Down" is its own kind poetry with less obvious metaphors opposing one another throughout each verse and chorus.

"Am I settling up or settling down," Lambert asks throughout. It's a clever turn of phrase, as both ends come with more than one meaning. To "settle up" in this context is to improve, but it also means pay up so you can move on. To "settle down" is to ease into something familiar and comfortable, but it's also a curse word for the gypsy Lambert has shown herself to be on occasion, particularly when one imagines she sat down to write these lyrics.

It's remarkable how Lambert has not only stayed true to herself in writing and recording country music, regardless of what's popular or topping the charts. Even more notable is how she has led with her deepest thoughts and ideas. There are easier hits on Wildcard ("Tequila Does," for example) but Team Lambert is sticking with what's most representative of her entire story.

Did You Know?: Lambert wrote five songs on Wildcard with Dick and Hemby.

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Miranda Lambert's "Settling Down" Lyrics:

Should I give up sunsets / For marigold mornings / Should I look for rainbows / Or wait for the rain / Is happiness on the highway / Or is it parked in the driveway / Should I lean on you, babe / Or should you lean on me.

Am I looking for comfort / Am I looking for an escape / Am I looking for you / Am I looking the other way.

I’m a wild child and a homing pigeon / Caravan and an empty kitchen / Bare feet on the tile with my head up in the clouds / One heart going both directions / One love and a couple of questions / Am I settling up / Or settling down / Am I settling up / Or settling down.

I could plant a pretty garden / Or just send myself flowers / Be a jet set Friday / Or a Sunday hometown girl / I could stay a little lonely / Or let you get to know me / Yeah, I could love a picket fence If it wrapped around the world.

Repeat Chorus

Am I looking for comfort / Am I looking for an escape / Am I looking for you / Am I looking the other way.

Repeat Chorus

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