Now that she's a household name among country music lovers, Miranda Lambert is able to travel in style while on the road. She gives a peek inside her tour bus, which is totally 'pinked-out' with touches of her favorite color everywhere (even on the walls!). It's a gorgeous place for her to rest and relax after her energetic concerts.

Lambert tells USA Today she's been traveling on the tour bus for two years, but it's been freshly gutted and refurbished. She put a lot of thought into the decor of her bus, explaining, "I wanted something pretty calming. Everything, when you step off this bus, is really pretty fast-paced and rock 'n' roll … I wanted some place where I could really have relaxation before I have to go out there and hit the craziness."

There are lots of sweet quirks in Lambert's bus, and her favorite part is a bubble gum pink refrigerator, which she keeps "the essentials" in, including "Water, beer, wine -- in that order ... sometimes," she laughs.

There are bunks on the bus, which she lets friends, family, or other guests sleep on, but when they're not in use, she stows her guitar and other items on the tiny beds, with a drawer of dresses underneath. Housed in those drawers are jewelry, accessories, and of course, shoes. Her own bedroom is in the back of the bus, and acts as a little "cocoon" for Lambert. She admits that she sleeps well on the bus, and always has "two or three dogs piled on."

Hardwood floors and farm-wood walls, round out the "shabby chic" look. It seems like the perfect home away from home for Lambert, and she readily agrees -- the only thing missing is her husband Blake Shelton.

"He doesn't come out with me a lot, I guess because he's got a TV show and a tour," she says. But, she doesn't hesitate to take over his bus -- at least for storage. "One time, he was like, 'Three of my drawers are your clothes. I love you, but this is my tour bus. Can I have a drawer back?'"

The 30-year-old will get plenty of use out of her cottage on wheels this summer. Her Platinum Tour kicked off July 10 and runs through Sept. 20 in Hawaii. Lucky girl!

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