Mitchell Tenpenny is gearing up to release his major-label debut Telling All My Secrets this December, and the sultry title track is just a hint of what's to come from the country newcomer. The "Drunk Me" singer showcases his soul on the five-minute track, which he penned with Jordan Minton and Dallas Wilson.

"She said, 'Baby tell me something you ain't never told no one before'...I want the good, the bad, the hurts you had / I want your crazy / Unfold your soul, I want to learn everything baby," he sings on the opening verse.

As the song progresses, it is evident a couple is trying to get to know each other better by sharing their secrets with one another. With striking guitar accompaniment and a steady beat, "Telling All My Secrets" highlights Tenpenny's soulful side and it's easy to picture the track being played in a jazz club with his sultry vocals and memorable percussion.

"Baby, you must be my weakness / Usually, I'm speechless, bulletproof / Well, girl, you got me telling all my secrets / Telling all my secrets to you," Tenpenny croons.

"Telling All My Secrets" is the first hint of new music from the singer off his forthcoming studio album. It's one of 10 other tracks on the project, all of which Tenpenny co-wrote. He penned over 50 songs for the project, which will be released on Dec. 14.

Fans are already familiar with the lead single "Drunk Me" and tracks "Alcohol You Later" and "Truck I Drove in High School," the latter of which was co-written with Devin Dawson.

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