Montgomery Gentry brought in some help for one of the new songs on their Folks Like Us album. “Back on a Dirt Road” features Chris Robertson of Black Stone Cherry. Listen to part of the swampy groove during this Taste of Country exclusive preview.

Eddie Montgomery and Troy Gentry trade verse and chorus before Robertson’s rock vocals come in. “Crowd full of bootcut jeans and lipstick / DJ cutting up a countrified club mix / Strobe lights flashing like a space ship / All this smoke and there ain’t no brisket,” Montgomery sings to open the new track.

“The party’s rocking and the beer’s wet / That oughta be enough to roll with / But around here I’m a square peg / I bet it wouldn’t take long to get …”

This song isn’t like too much on the radio or too much in Montgomery Gentry’s catalog. It’s mellow, but almost sinister before Gentry takes the chorus.

“Back on a dirt road / Right about right now / A bunch a good ol’ boys are probably heading out / All piled up in the back of that Chevy / Pickin’ up the girls going down to the levy / On a dirt road, sipping homegrown moonshine / Gettin’ all tore up on a country high / You know I wouldn’t mind getting gone / Back on a dirt road.”

Previously the duo said their music was all about family, faith, the military and small towns everywhere. This song is about blowing off steam like country boys do. Robertson enters after the first chorus and helps the two take the country-rocker to new heights.

Check back for more exclusive song teases all week long. Folks Like Us is Montgomery Gentry’s first record on Blaster Records. It will be available on June 9.

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