Montgomery Gentry are preparing to release a new studio album, and they're giving Taste of Country readers an exclusive preview of one of the new songs, "Better for It."

The veteran country duo of Eddie Montgomery and Troy Gentry turned to three of the best songwriters in country music for the track. Chris Stapleton, Jeffrey Steele and Craig Wiseman collaborated on the song, which is a mid-tempo ballad whose lyric takes an older, but wiser look back on things the protagonist is better off for having left behind: "Lot of been theres that I've been through / And a lot I won't go back to / Baby, I ripped off the rearview and I'm better for it."

In classic Montgomery Gentry style, the track builds to a big chorus that drives its point home: "I'm still getting beat and banged up / Still get hung up on my hangups / Somewhere between the man I was and the man I want to be / I don't know the road I'm taking / But I know my destination / 'Cause an angel out there still believes in me."

The song is just one of the new tracks from the duo's upcoming Folks Like Us album, which is their first project since signing a new deal with Blaster Records. They worked with producer Michael Knox (Jason Aldean, Thomas Rhett) for the album, which is set for release on June 9. They have been sharing exclusive teasers from Folks Like Us with Taste of Country readers all week in advance of the new project.